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Workforce Development


The Greater Baltimore Urban League (GBUL) Cyber Security Program aims to provide opportunities for individuals coming from diverse backgrounds whether it’s individuals seeking career advancement, those impacted by the justice system, and the underemployed or unemployed. This program offers three valuable certifications: Security+, Professional Scrum Master, and Cloud+. Participants in this program will acquire extensive knowledge and skills related to these certifications. The program includes comprehensive training through various methods such as text-based materials, virtual learning platforms with breakout rooms, and study groups. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to take the certification exams, which will be provided complimentary by GBUL.

Once the participants have completed the program, they will receive comprehensive assistance with job readiness services. These services include resume preparation, job search support, employment placement assistance, and other services. The participant will also benefit from regular goal reviews and job readiness guidance provided by the case manager. The Greater Baltimore Urban League is committed to serving and advocating for individuals from all backgrounds, with a primary focus on promoting career advancement and self-sufficiency for all.

To improve the economy by promoting and supporting the alignment of the workforce and our educational and training programs with priority industry sectors and local business needs to support the most vulnerable residents of our community. 

GBUL’s Workforce Development Advisory Board shall provide strategic planning, policy development, testimony, advocacy, oversight and evaluation of the agency’s Workforce Development initiatives and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act system.

The Advisory Board will provide leadership and a sincere community voice to maintain best practices of the workforce programs, partnership with public and private sectors and to create a demand-driven, dynamic, efficient, and effective program.

The Advisory Board shall assist in the development of innovative models that effectively secure and leverage alternative funding sources to provide access to services and resources for participants within the workforce community. It shall contribute to the healthy and abundant discussions that are industry based and economy driven with the goal of creating job opportunities that are built with integrity and offer positive experiences for each participant, consequently empowering participants, community  members and participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

The Justice Impacted Employment Program (JIEP) will serve citizens newly released from Maryland Prisons with education and training to become sustainably employed. Greater Baltimore Urban League serves the entire state of Maryland.
a) 18 years old or older on the date of enrollment
b) current conviction as an adult and imprisoned under Federal or state law but never been convicted of a sexual offense other than prostitution
c) current enrollment in a state and/or local work-release program with a release date scheduled within six months of enrollment in the program; received an early release date due to the pandemic or a nonviolent offense
d) current resident in the geographic area served, or resident in the geographic area before current confinement in a correctional facility, and will be returning to the geographic area to be served.

1. Work Ready Services
2. Education
3. Job Readiness Training
4. Financial Literacy
5. Case Management Support

The utility construction skills program will provide technical skills training, personal and professional development, and literacy and numeracy remedial education.

The utility construction industry creates numerous jobs and offers a wide variety of options to men and women. A career in the utility construction trades can provide excellent wages and benefits, job security, opportunity for advancement and income stability. This is a 10-week training program that addresses basic skills in Math and English, fundamental construction skills, general work readiness, professional networking, career exposure and advancement, interview techniques, and financial management in the context of preparing for careers in the construction of utility sectors.

CTAP increases minority participation in the building trades. The construction sector in Baltimore is vital in both helping drive the city’s economic growth and in employing thousands of people across all communities. Whether it’s reinvigorating the housing market, rebuilding the city’s transportation and energy infrastructure, or stimulating a “green” economy as a key to reviving the city’s economy, the availability of a skilled construction trades workforce will be critical to making that vision a reality. As a consequence, building and maintaining a highly skilled and diverse construction pipeline is imperative.


Labor Supply Maintenance (Warehouse)

The purpose of our Workforce Wednesday Webinars is to discuss current employment opportunities, educate on the various areas of employment opportunities of each discipline, partnership opportunities and resources provided to effectively serve the underemployed in the community at large. We provide these as a semi-monthly resource in a virtual environment. Our goal is to ensure that our participants and community is ALWAYS work ready and prepared for employment opportunities that enable them to compete in today’s economy.