About the Black Restaurant Accelerator Program

 (The Black Restaurant Accelerator Program (BRAP) is a collaborative initiative between the PepsiCo Foundation, the National Urban League, and the Greater Baltimore Urban League (GBUL). It aims to provide support and resources to Black-owned restaurants across the United States. The program, established in 2021, offers an eight to 10-week intensive curriculum, including workshops and personalized coaching, to educate and empower Black entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry. The inaugural Culinary Tasting Event, was scheduled on September 12 at the Baltimore World Trade Center, to showcase the achievements of BRAP grantees.

The GBUL BRAP program specifically focused on supporting Black-owned restaurants in Maryland, with 24 restaurant owners participating in Baltimore programming, leading to the creation of 96 restaurant jobs in the greater Baltimore region. Since its inception, the program has served over 1,000 business owners and resulted in 26 new restaurant openings. Executives from the PepsiCo Foundation were present at the event to emphasize the company’s commitment to supporting black-owned restaurants. Additionally, leaders from the National Urban League attended to discuss the organization’s dedication to economic empowerment and social justice through collaborative initiatives like BRAP.